Next Bal-A-Vis-X Training in London is 22nd/23rd August 2022


Schools can try Bal-A-Vis-X for Free.

After six weeks (half a term) of working you can expect target results in the following areas:

Improved eye tracking

A willingness to read both off the board and from a book.

Improved behaviour

The rhythmic aspect of the programme helps regulate a more systematic approach to thinking in place of erratic thoughts and random behaviour the child is more settled.

Less anxiety/readiness to learn

Vestibular stimulation helps alleviate anxiety and reduce stress.

Improved hand eye coordination

Even the simplest exercises require full body coordination and focused visual attention.

Improved listening skills

The rhythmic patterns of bouncing and catching enhances auditory attention, discrimination, and sequencing. Also promote a new responsiveness to the nuances of sound.

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